Full Production Release of

  • Civic marketplace becomes
  • Establish
  • smart contracts are available
  • Validators can set prices at fiat rates and Requesters can purchase CVCs with fiat currency on external exchanges

Open Source Launched

  • open to all participants
  • Identity Validator Toolkit built

Validator Functionality Expansion

  • First IDV Toolkit operational with government ID document, email and phone validation
  • Validators can set fiat prices that are automatically converted to CVCs in their processes
  • Identity Validators can offer their validation services directly to Requesters in a B2B solution
  • MVP SDK available for select Identity Validators & Identity Requestors on
Q4 Growth and 3rd Party Validator Integration

  • Growth and 3rd Party Validator Integration

Expansion of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

  • Establish the SOLID DID method on Solana
  • Use Solana as a low-cost, Layer-1 storage solution for DID documents
  • Explore multi-device identity profiles and secure account recovery
  • End-to-end encrypted credential sharing using DIDs

Marketplace v2 on Solana

  • Enable low-fee micropayments for compensating credential issuers with CVCs
  • Enable passive payment of CVCs for Validators

On-chain Identity Verification

  • Enable identity checks with on-chain smart contracts while maintaining user privacy