Full Production Release of

  • Civic marketplace becomes
  • MVP SDK available for select Identity Validators & Identity Requestors on
  • smart contracts are available
  • Validators can set prices at fiat rates and Requesters can purchase CVCs with fiat currency on external exchanges

Open Source Launched

  • open to all participants
  • Identity Validator Toolkit built
Q3 Growth and 3rd Party Validator Integration

  • Identity Validator Toolkit is available for 3rd party validators
  • Release of initial credential schemas

Validator Functionality Expansion

  • Validators can set fiat prices that are automatically converted to CVCs in their processes
  • Identity Validators can offer their validation services directly to Requesters in a B2B solution
  • The marketplace can support validation evidence in presentation requests
  • operates an ION node
  • welcomes two Civic-powered operators on the marketplace
  • First IDV Toolkit operational with government ID document, email and phone validation
Q1 Growth and 3rd Party Validator Integration

  • Identity and Credential Interoperability with other SSI network implementations
  • Create a ChainAuthâ„¢ blockchain anchoring license agreement for users
  • Integrate the first Identity Validators from the ION Network
  • Validation Module for Identity Validator Toolkit available
  • Credential Wallet Toolkit available

Requester Functionality Availability

  • Reference Implementation of an IDV Validator Toolkit published in the code repository
  • established
  • Organizational Governance Framework established

Marketplace Full Functionality

  • Requester Toolkit available for direct integration to
  • Enable secure shared storage for verifiable credentials to increase portability across devices and apps
  • Token Behavior Model implementation - Stage 1