Tighe Barris

Sr. Software Engineer

Julian Spring

Software Engineer

lauren hendrickson

Marketing Coordinator

william brooks

Senior Software Engineer

William has over fifteen years of experience in system architecture, with previous positions as CTO of Methys & the French South African Tech labs, a Solutions Architect at Cytrus, and a Senior Developer at Clicks2Customers. Whether it be learning new languages like Rust or Solidity or higher-level data models like IPLD, William endeavors to engage…

seamus hennessy

Product Manager

Seamus is a technologist and joined the Identity.com team after several years in early-stage venture capital where he both invested in and helped to design several web3 token economies. Prior to this, he was completing his thesis which looked at the intersection of economics and blockchain, exploring various economic schools of thought and how they…

martin riedel

Martin joined Identity after leading the development of the first decentralized credential marketplace at Civic. Previously, he was a Research Engineer at Consensys Mesh where he focused on the application of cutting-edge layer 2 identity technologies such as identifier registration and discovery, and anonymous credential revocation list development. Alongside his responsibilities at Idenity, Martin is…

phillip shoemaker

Executive Director & Board Member

Phillip brings over 20 years of experience in the mobile space to identity.com. Phillip helped build the Apple App Store including building the review operations team to over 300 people, writing the guidelines with Steve Jobs, and testifying with global government authorities. Most recently Phillip has been advising and investing in startups, focusing on blockchain,…