Credential Wallet Toolkit

This toolkit contains libraries and applications for Users to connect to the ecosystem via Credential Wallets. It is configurable, scalable, and simple to deploy and maintain. As the ecosystem grows, more libraries and applications can be added to the toolkit to improve user experience.

Libraries libraries enable Users to easily and safely connect to the marketplace.

  • Credential Commons Library

    Credential Commons Library

    This Javascript Library provides functionality around Verifiable Credentials (VC), a W3C standard. Enables Validators to issue; Credential Wallets to verify and filter; and Requesters to verify credentials.

  • Credential Wallet Library

    Credential Wallet Library

    This Javascript library allows the implementations of 3rd party Credential Wallets that enable User, Requesters, and Validators to interact within the ecosystem. It ensures standardized communication between the parties.

  • Marketplace-tx Library

    Marketplace-tx Library

    This library enables Requesters, Validators and Credential Wallets to set prices, place, verify, release, refund escrows based on marketplace interactions. This is where you connect if you write a JS project.

  • Dynamic Scope Library (DSR)

    Dynamic Scope Library (DSR)

    It defines what data it needs to resolve DSRs and what can be filtered in the Credential Wallet. It enables Requesters to create DSRs. It checks filters and matches data to send and, if it doesn’t find data, it requires a Validator verification.

  • Marketplace.js


    This application is an orchestration layer on top of the blockchain. It allows Requesters and Credential Wallets to resubmit transactions, for example, at a higher gas price; batching; payment guarantees; and other automations.

  • QR Code Library

    QR Code Library

    Both Requesters and Credential Wallets need this library to interact with QR codes that trigger Dynamic Scope Requests.

  • User Collectable Attributes (UCA) Library

    User Collectable Attributes (UCA) Library

    It defines what information Validators abstract for the Credential Wallet (i.e. ID card or selfie comparison). It provides an endpoint for the status of the UCA and offers a retrieve UCA mechanism for the Credential Wallet.

Applications applications enable Users to easily and safely connect to the marketplace.

  • BitGo


    The BitGo Platform and SDK makes it easy to build multi-signature Bitcoin applications today. The SDK is fully integrated with the BitGo co-signing service for managing all of your BitGo wallets.

  • Marketplace-tx-server


    This app enables Requesters, Validators, and Credential Wallets to set prices, place, verify, release, and refund escrows based on marketplace interactions. Use it to write code in any language that reads HTTP requests.

Types of Implementations

There are two ways of implementing Credential Wallet toolkits. More will be added as partners join the ecosystem.

  • Existing App

    Existing App

    Requesters coming into the ecosystem can direct their users to an existing partner app with a Credential Wallet. All they need to do is follow the app’s implementation guidelines and reduce development overhead significantly.

  • Custom Wallet App

    Custom Wallet App

    Requesters that have stricter coding, product, or branding requirements can build their own App or include the Credential Wallet library in their existing customer applications to enable them to get verified using Validators.