Partner Highlight: Civic Secure Identity

The Civic Secure ID product allows Users to securely provide authenticated identity to Requester websites for account sign up and access, including technologies that no longer require legacy usernames and passwords.


Civic Secure Identity Platform: How It Works

The Civic Secure Identity Platform allows Users to easily verify their information, and then share only specific details with Requesters.

  • 1

    User scans a document to submit for verification.

  • 2

    After a trusted Validator confirms your identity, users authorize Requesters to receive their information.

  • 3

    Once the information transfer is approved, the user can start using Requester services.


  • Reusable


    Users only ever get verified once and they can reuse the attestation in future transactions.

  • Convenient


    Your users don’t need to input data multiple times and they can verify personal information directly through their mobile device, leveraging existing attestations.

  • Private


    Users always review all requests for information, and choose whether to approve or deny the request. Fully compliant with data privacy legislation.

  • Secure


    User PII is secured on the device using high-level encryption and biometric locks (such as fingerprint ID or Face ID).

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