Abstraction Layer

This layer provides ready-made endpoints to enable Requesters, Credential Wallet Providers and Validators to focus on their business, as opposed to dealing with the complexities required when building interoperable systems.

Attestation Abstractions

All ecosystem participants need to be able to interact with attestations as part of the identity verification process. That’s why we have built a library called ChainAuth that runs on top of a blockchain node. Optionally, you can implement it through BitGo to receive custodial services.

  • ChainAuth


    ChainAuth is an service built by Civic, which allows ecosystem participants to issue, validate, and revoke attestations by checking them against the blockchain.

Marketplace Abstractions

The marketplace infrastructure runs on the Ethereum blockchain and developers can communicate directly with the Smart Contracts. To remove complexity and maximize accessibility, we have developed a few layers of abstraction on top of the Ethereum chain.


    To interact with the Smart Contracts, you’ll need to run an Ethereum node. We recommend you use the geth node app or a service like Infura.


    This library enables you to connect your JavaScript project and interact directly with the available JS functions for the Marketplace.


    This application is built as a layer on top of CVC-tx to enable programming languages that understand HTTP requests to connect to the Marketplace.


    This application enables quick and easy price setting for Validators without any knowledge of programming.