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As your members buy, carpool, share, or rent from each other, safety is vital to the trust you’ve built. That’s why you want to do everything possible to keep your community safe.

We can help. Identity.com’s automated iD Background Checks instantly identify members with serious criminal convictions, such as felonies and those on the sex offender registry or global terrorist watchlist. Businesses rely on the information to identify risk and quickly make informed decisions that preserve trust among their customer base.

And it all happens in the background. Our automated service requires minimal inputs - likely those you already collect. The background check happens instantly, without delaying sign up, and all results comply with state and federal regulations.

Results are returned through an API or visualized in an online dashboard, where your team can be alerted to possible safety risks and analyze trends in a centralized trust and safety tool. We'll also help you with user consent and notifications, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and to create fair and transparent policies.

What you do need is a partner you can trust. Identity.com is built by Inflection, which has over 10 years of experience organizing hundreds of millions of public records and is trusted by more than 35,000 businesses. Contact us now to see how our service can help you grow a safe and strong community.