Open Source Applications

The open source applications provided here enable Requesters, Validators, and Credential Wallet builders to focus more on running their business and meeting their requirements and less on coding on top of libraries or blockchains.

List of Applications

  • BitGo


    The BitGo Platform and SDK makes it easy to build multi-signature Bitcoin applications today. The SDK is fully integrated with the BitGo co-signing service for managing all of your BitGo wallets.

  • Marketplace-tx-server


    This app enables Requesters, Validators and Credential Wallets to set prices, place, verify, release, refund escrows based on marketplace interactions. Use it to write code in any language that reads HTTP requests.

  • Marketplace Monitor

    Marketplace Monitor

    This app provides a suite of monitoring tools for stuck transactions, monitoring for geth, RebelOS, escrow management and other key marketplace elements.

  • Validator Portal

    Validator Portal

    Validators, once registered with their Civic ID and approved, can create, read, update, or delete the price of their validation services.

How to Contribute

  • Connect


    Explore the GitHub collection. Check out the Smart Contract code on EtherScan and engage with their capabilities.

  • Create


    Zero in on what part of the architecture and design you are more interested in and start creating. Reach out to the team to discuss your proposals.

  • Test & Pull

    Test & Pull

    Run all the tests and that the proposal will fit well in the architecture. Go to Github and run a pull request. Our team will review and provide feedback.