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  • What is identity.com?

    identity.com enables people to easily shape their online reputation, show their best side to the public, and monitor data being shared about them online.

  • Who is behind identity.com?

    identity.com comes to you from the minds at Inflection, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. Inflection's mission is to help organize people information in more friendly and useful ways. Among its most successful current and former products are PeopleSmart.com, a public records search engine, and Archives.com, a leading family history site recently purchased by Ancestry.com.

  • Account Settings
  • How do I deactivate my identity.com account?

    Your identity.com account is yours to keep and cannot be totally deactivated, but you can control whether other people can see your public profile. Please note that once you remove a service from your account, identity.com will no longer have access to your data from that service.

    To change how others view your public profile, go to Account Settings

    When you select "Only me", only you will be able to view your public profile and all the information it contains. Your name will not appear in search results.

    You will still be able to sign in to your identity.com account and view your own profile, and you can change your settings at any time.

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    If you can't remember your password, please enter your email address on the password reset page. Be sure to enter the email address you used when creating your account and click "Send it!". We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

    If you're still having trouble with your login, please contact our customer support department and we'll get to the bottom of it.

    We do not store your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn sign in passwords on identity.com. If you created your identity.com account by signing in with either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and have forgotten your password for those services, please go directly to those services to reset them:

  • How do I make my profile invisible to the public?

    Once you've created a public profile, you can control its visibility in three ways:

    1. Everyone can view your profile
    2. Only registered users of identity.com can view your profile
    3. Only you can view your profile (Your public profile and all information associated with it is no longer viewable by others. People will not be able to search for you or view any of your information).

    To change this setting, go to Account Settings

  • How do I change my public profile URL?

    Currently, your URL is not editable. We understand that there are times when your name changes. If this applies to you, we will do our best to accommodate your request soon.

  • What kinds of profile photos are acceptable?

    You have the opportunity to add a photo to your identity.com profile so that others can recognize you. Please refrain from using offensive images or images that you do not have authorization to publish. identity.com has the right to remove your profile photo if it is considered inappropriate. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy

  • How do I change my username or password?

    You can sign in to your identity.com account in four ways:

    1. Sign in with the email address and password you submitted when creating your account
    2. Sign in with your Facebook account
    3. Sign in with your Twitter account
    4. Sign in with your LinkedIn account To change your email or password, go to Account Settings

    To change your email or password, go to Account Settings

  • Privacy
  • Is it safe to enter the passwords for all my networks and services on identity.com?

    identity.com does not store the usernames or passwords you use for the networks and services you associate with your account. Each service provides us with a secure anonymous token that represents your information. You can deactivate a service at any time. Click on Add Apps at the top right of any page to manage your associated services on identity.com. Please note that by removing any service you will no longer have that service available on your public profile or dashboard.

  • What does identity.com do to protect my information?

    identity.com is designed from the ground-up to offer the best privacy protection available. After all, protecting you from identity theft and unauthorized use of your private information is a big part of what we're all about.

    To learn more about our privacy policies and technologies, please visit our Privacy Center.

  • Does identity.com sell any of the information they collect about me?

    identity.com will not sell any of your personal information. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

  • Why do my Instagram photos still appear in my Identity profile after I set my photos to be "private" on Instagram?

    Instagram doesn't send information about your privacy settings to external application like Identity, so we can't tell what your Instagram settings are. If you don't want your Instagram photos to appear on your Identity profile, you can make the Instagram tile "private" in the settings page.

  • How do I report an imposter posing as me in a public profile?

    We have zero tolerance for counterfeit profiles on identity.com.

    If someone created an account about you without your permission, please let us know through our Contact form. Please be sure to include counterfeit link, e.g., www.identity.com/USERNAME. We will investigate and take appropriate action. For more details, please check out our Privacy Policy.

  • Services
  • What happens when I remove a service, like my Facebook account, from identity.com?

    Once you remove a service, identity.com will no longer have access to your data from that service. The service will be removed from your public profile and private dashboard.

    Rather than removing a service, you can also control whether a service is:

    1. Viewable on your public profile page and in your private dashboard
    2. Only available on your private dashboard

    It's easy to reactivate a service. Just click on Add Apps at the top right of any page to manage your apps.

  • I connected Twitter, but it's not showing up on my Timeline. What gives?

    Unfortunately, Twitter has some usage rules that prevent us from displaying tweets on the Timeline

  • How do I hide a service from my public profile but still see it in my private dashboard?

    You can control how an activated service behaves on identity.com, including hiding it from public viewing.

    1. Hover over the app you'd like to change and select "Just me" to remove it from your public profile. Its associated data will still appear in your private dashboard, viewable by only you.
  • How do I add identity.com to my Pinterest Profile?

    Pinterest gives you the opportunity to showcase a website on your Pinterest Profile. To add your identity.com profile website to your Pinterest Profile, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your Pinterest account. Select "Settings" from the navigation at the top right of your page.
    2. Once you are on the "Edit Profile" screen, scroll down to the "Website" field, then copy and paste your identity.com Profile URL into the field. For example, http://www.identity.com/yourname
    3. Click "Save Profile".
  • How do I add identity.com to my public Facebook Profile?

    Facebook gives you the opportunity to showcase a website on your Facebook Profile. To add your identity.com profile website to your public Facebook profile, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your Facebook account. From your profile page, click the "About" link.
    2. In the "Contact Info" section, click the "Edit" button. Copy and paste your identity.com profile URL into the "Website" field. For example, http://www.identity.com/yourname
    3. Beside the "website field", you can select who can see your website URL. Click the arrow and select "Public" in order to put your identity.com Profile URL on the public version of your Facebook page.
    4. Click the "Save" button to saves your changes.
  • Why does Identity show fewer Facebook friends than the number on Facebook itself?

    Facebook often passes a slightly inaccurate friend count to us for two main reasons:

    1. Some of your friends may have deactivated their Facebook accounts.
    2. Some of your friends may have strong privacy settings.

    Even so, the number is rarely more than 5% inaccurate, so it's close!

  • Design
  • Can I change the position of the tiles on my public profile?

    Sure! To change the layout of your service tiles on your public profile:

    1. Click the tile and hold down the button (don't let go yet!)
    2. Drag the tile to where you want it to appear
    3. Drop the tile in place by letting go of the button