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How it works

You’ve worked hard to create a trustworthy reputation.
Now take more control of your online identity and bring it on the go.

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Build Your iD

Show the world where to find you.

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Get Verified

Get a Verified Badge to show your identity is real.

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Protect Your Data

Add IdentitySmart premium monitoring and protection.

Learn More About Your Free iD Card

Controlling your personal information online doesn’t have to be hard. Our identity management tools give you the power to share and protect your data exactly the way you want.

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iD Card

How do you want to introduce yourself online? Your iD Card shows people who you are, where to find you online, and how you can be contacted.

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Identity Verification

Add an extra layer of trust through free identity verification. A Verified iD Card assures others that they’re interacting with a real person.

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Secure Messaging

You decide how people can contact you by email, phone, and address. We relay you the messages you want to receive.

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Unique Shareable URL

Once you have a Verified iD Card, get a customized URL and share your iD Card wherever you go online.

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Privacy Preferences

The person most qualified to decide how your data should be viewed is you. Control exactly how and where your iD Card appears online.

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Who’s Viewing You

See who is visiting your iD Card and stay up-to-date with stats and trends.

IDS Shield

Control Your Reputation And Protect Your Online Identity

Upgrade to a premium membership for peace of mind with our identity monitoring, protection, and support.

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Financial Monitoring & Alerts Financial Monitoring & Alerts
Fraud Monitoring & Alerts Fraud Monitoring & Alerts
Identity Restorative Services Identity Restorative Services
Full Public & Court Records Full Public & Court Records
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Take control of your identity

Sign up for your free iD Card to start building trusted connections with others.
Use it to bring your good reputation everywhere you go online.

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