Decentralized Identity Verification Ecosystem

On-demand, secure, and accessible identity verification services powered by blockchain technology and governed with Civic tokens (CVCs) grants users, requesters, and validators around the world entry to accessible, reusable identity verification powered by Civic tokens (CVCs). is governed by a staking mechanism designed to ensure compliance and good behavior within the ecosystem.

Marketplace Use Cases

Decentralized identity improves user experience, reduces costs, and turns a cost center into a net revenue unit.

  • For Requesters

    For Requesters

    Requesters use CVCs to purchase permission-based, real-time authentication of User identity data verified by a Validator.

  • For Validators

    For Validators

    Validators earn CVCs each time a user attestation is created or utilized by Requesters.

  • For Users

    For Users

    Users upload and verify their identity data on a partner app only once and attestations are good until revoked.

How It Works

The ecosystem is designed to incentivize participation by trustworthy identity verification providers:

Validators record an attestation on the blockchain after successfully verifying the identity data of a user. Requesters leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators and eliminate the redundancy of having to re-verify User information.

Partner Quotes

  • As we release Hilo to a global audience, we want to have systems in place to verify the real identities of our users. Civic provides a way to authenticate all our community members with ease.

  • CapLinked is excited to be offering Civic as a seamless integration to our customers and to be working closely with Civic to develop innovative, secure identity verification products as we move forward with our blockchain project.


Learn about the Marketplace’s evolution into and its governance under the CVC Token Behavior Model.

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