Introducing the App

Tired of manual ID checks and fraud risk exposure? The App eliminates these issues for gambling operators by enabling instant, private age and reusable identity verification.

Players can securely manage digital versions of documents like licenses and passports in the app. These credentials can be instantly shared when signing up to confirm age and identity, without exposing personal details.

Benefits for Gambling Operators

Verified Ages

Prevent underage access by instantly checking digital age credentials.

Reduced Fraud

Confirm real identities to reduce fraud and risk.

Regulatory Compliance

Meets KYC regulations for identity verification while giving players more control over their private data.

Efficient Onboarding

Enable instant verification for fast, seamless sign-ups.

Reusable Identity Credentials

Players can verify once with Identity, then reuse credentials across other services. No need to re-verify each time.

Bot Detection

Confirm real human players and prevent bot abuse.

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How it Works

1. Players add verified credentials like government IDs to their Identity App.

2. They share select credentials privately when signing up.

3. You instantly verify credentials without seeing personal data.

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A simple, secure, and private solution for identity verification. Bringing trust and minimizing risk for your gambling operation.

Get early access to the App for frictionless, instant player verification – reducing manual reviews and fraud.

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