Introducing the App


Tired of constant battles against fake accounts, fraud, bot abuse, and toxic behavior? offers a revolutionary way for gaming platforms to verify player identities and secure their communities.

The App allows individuals to manage digital versions of their identity documents privately and securely. These verifiable credentials can be instantly shared with gaming platforms to prove key identity attributes like age, location, and uniqueness – without revealing anything more.

Benefits For Gaming Companies

Verified Ages

Prevent underage access by instantly checking digital age credentials.

Reduced Toxicity

Confirm real identities with verifiable credentials to build community.

Anti-Cheat Protection

Ensure players are who they claim to be and avoid the fraudulent creation of fake accounts.

Efficient Onboarding

Let players instantly share verifiable identity attributes for fast, seamless sign-ups.

Reusable Identity Credentials

Players can verify once with Identity, then reuse credentials across other services. No need to re-verify each time.

Bot Detection

Confirm real human players and prevent bot abuse.

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How it Works

1. Gamers download the App and add verified credentials like age, ID documents, and more.

2. When signing up on your platform, they can securely share select credentials that you request.

3. You verify the credentials without ever seeing the sensitive underlying data.

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A simple, secure, and private solution for identity verification. Bringing trust and safety to your gaming community.

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