Our Mission

We are W3C members building toward a secure, permissionless, and pseudonymous web3 ecosystem. We give developers the toolkits they need to provide users with easy-to-verify, reusable, and contextual digital identification that remains in their control.

Gateway Identity
Gateway Protocol


Permissionless validation of digital credentials on-chain. Ensure that users meet entry requirements such as KYC & AML.

Cryptid Identity


Provide web3 users a wallet that links an off-chain identity to their on-chain identity.

Did:sol Identity
Did:sol Method


did:sol is a W3C compliant DID method and resolver operating on the Solana blockchain.

Identifiers (DIDs)

We leverage industry-standard, open-source identifiers called Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to enable off-chain authentication. DIDs are a core component of building a native identity layer and can be viewed as a new type of global identifier. We have built and now maintain did:sol, the leading DID method on the Solana blockchain.

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Learn more about our fundamental technologies: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs), and the Gateway Protocol.

How It Works:
The Gateway Protocol

Designed to both protect against cybercrime and satisfy regulators, the Gateway Protocol enables any business or application to meet identity requirements (such as KYC and AML) without developing their own identity verification system or data storage.

Instead, identity verification is completed by Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper networks. Read more about our Gateway Protocol in the Gateway Protocol white paper here.

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