Marketplace Overview

On-demand, secure, and accessible identity verification services powered by blockchain technology and governed with CVC tokens.

Marketplace Use Cases

Decentralized identity improves user experience, reduces costs, and turns a cost center into a net revenue unit.

  • For Requesters

    For Requesters

    Requesters use CVCs to purchase permission-based, real-time authentication of User identity data verified by a Validator.

  • For Validators

    For Validators

    Validators earn CVCs each time a user attestation is created or utilized by Requesters.

  • For Users

    For Users

    Users upload and verify their identity data on a Credential Wallet app only once and attestations are good until revoked.

How It Works

The ecosystem is designed to incentivize participation by trustworthy identity verification providers:

Validators set the price within the marketplace, record an attestation on the blockchain after successfully verifying the identity data of a User.

Requesters pay into escrow to be able to leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators and eliminate the redundancy of having to re-verify User information.

Users only hand our Verifiable Credentials if the Requesters payments are received by the respective Validators.

About the Marketplace

  • Marketplace Blockchain

    Marketplace Blockchain

    This is where smart contracts govern the interactions between Requesters, Validators, and Users.

  • Abstraction Layer

    Abstraction Layer

    A set of applications and libraries that provide a clear, easy-to-use interface over the existing set of Credential Wallet and Marketplace functionalities.

  • Automation Layer

    Automation Layer

    Pass-through software layer that enables certain blockchain-related automation for Requesters and Validators.