Marketplace Overview

On-demand, secure, and accessible identity verification services powered by blockchain technology and governed with CVC tokens.

Marketplace Use Cases

Decentralized identity improves user experience, reduces costs, and turns a cost center into a net revenue unit.

  • For Requesters

    For Requesters

    Requesters use CVCs to purchase permission-based, real-time authentication of User identity data verified by a Validator.

  • For Validators

    For Validators

    Validators earn CVCs each time a user attestation is created or utilized by Requesters.

  • For Users

    For Users

    Users upload and verify their identity data on a Credential Wallet app only once and attestations are good until revoked.

How It Works

The ecosystem is designed to incentivize participation by trustworthy identity verification providers:

Validators set the price within the marketplace, record an attestation on the blockchain after successfully verifying the identity data of a User.

Requesters pay into escrow to be able to leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators and eliminate the redundancy of having to re-verify User information.

Users only hand our Verifiable Credentials if the Requesters payments are received by the respective Validators.


As the ecosystem is built and grows, we want to make sure we all speak the same language when it comes to identity verification and ecosystem members. This is a continuously updated list, so come back here if you find terms you don’t understand and can’t find on the web. While we do our best to keep it complete, suggestions are welcome.

About the Marketplace

  • Marketplace Blockchain

    Marketplace Blockchain

    This is where smart contracts govern the interactions between Requesters, Validators, and Users.

  • Abstraction Layer

    Abstraction Layer

    A set of applications and libraries that provide a clear, easy-to-use interface over the existing set of Credential Wallet and Marketplace functionalities.

  • Automation Layer

    Automation Layer

    Pass-through software layer that enables certain blockchain-related automation for Requesters and Validators.