Marketplace Blockchain: Ethereum

The most famous smart contract platform is Ethereum, which enables the execution and transparent, immutable record keeping of transactions on the blockchain. We chose Ethereum over other platforms due to its popularity and Turing complete programming language.

CVC Token

The CVC token is the native token of the platform. It combines accessibility and privacy with its use as a medium of exchange and incentivization within the ecosystem. The total supply of tokens is 1B, of which 333M are reserved for community incentives, 333M have been sold in the token sale of 2017 and the remaining 333M is retained by Civic. Read the whitepapers below to learn more about the role of the token in the Marketplace Economy.

Smart Contracts

Marketplace Smart Contracts will continue to evolve as the ecosystem adds functionality. By design, we have constructed an upgradeable proxy that allows ecosystem participants to interact with a single static Smart Contract address endpoint and not worry about contract updates and additions.

Interacting with the Marketplace Blockchain

  • Abstraction Layer

    Abstraction Layer

    It provides ready-made endpoints to enable Requesters, Credential Wallet Providers, and Validators to focus on their business.

  • Automation Layer

    Automation Layer

    It provides ecosystem participants with tools and methods to safeguard smart contract execution and maximize successful payments scenarios.